NEW! Twist Tight Terminals

These 4GA and 2/0 battery terminals can be installed on 2/0 battery cable without crimping tools or solder (cannot be used with welding cable).

Terminals are cast with 131 contact copper (93-95% copper) to ensure malleability and high conductivit.y

Exceeds SAE conductivity standard J163.

Electro-tin plating for complete coverage, better appearance, high conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Raised lettering for easy identification of polarity and wire size.

Extra deep chamfer helps wire installation.

The inside of the barrel is threaded with two distinct stages of threads. The thread grabs the bare wire, and when tightened it gives an incredible pullout strength.

Installation is done using only a screw driver and vice.

Installation is completed quickly and easily.

Part #



4 AWG Universal, Post Type Straight Twist Tight


4 AWG Negative, Post Type Straight Twist Tight


2/0 Neg. Post Type Straight Twist Tight Battery Terminal


2/0 Pos. Post Type Straight Twist Tight Battery Terminal


4 AWG Universal, Single Barrel Twist Tight Stud Top / Side Mount


2/0 Univ. Stackable Single Barrel Twist Tight Battery Terminal Stud Top / Side Mount


2/0, 3/8 Heavy Duty Copper Twist Tight Starter Lug

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