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A.C. Terminals, Inc.

Providing Quality Conductivity

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A.C. Terminals, Inc. a Leading Battery Terminal Manufacturer

Since 1973, we have been manufacturing heavy duty copper battery terminals for the trucking and automotive industries. We are committed to producing the best terminals available. Our battery terminals are cast with 131 contact copper which is 93% to 95% pure copper to provide high conductivity. The terminals are electro-plated with a bright tin finish to promote protection against corrosion.

In addition to our complete line of battery terminals, our product line includes the finest heavy duty and standard wall starter lugs, heat shrink tubing and connectors, wire and cable strippers, crimping and cutting tools, and heat guns. Cable, cable ties, poly spiral wrap, convoluted split loom, end caps, solder pellets, amalgating tape, nuts, bolts, connectors, and disconnects have been selected to complement our product line.

Above all, we at A.C. Terminals are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products, competitive prices, and friendly, efficient service.